5/6/18 The Use of Wait

We use wait when we refer to letting time pass because we are expecting that something is going to happen. We use wait in the following main patterns:

  • wait (imperative) → Just wait here with the bags and I’ll go and get a taxi.
  • wait + for → Don’t worry. I’ll wait for you.
  • wait + to-infinitive → When the band arrived at the concert hall, a large crowd of screaming fans were waiting to greet them.
  • wait + for + object + to-infinitive → They’re waiting for him to make up his mind and won’t do anything until he does.

We don’t use expect to refer to time passing when we are talking about something that we hope is going to happen:
I look forward very much to hearing from you soon, and I wait anxiously for a positive answer.
Not: … and I expect anxiously a positive answer.