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To claim & To complain

23/3/18 To claim & To complain


To claim
  1. a. to ask for especially as a right
  • claimed the inheritance
  • The driver claimed the right to a hearing.
         b. to call for: require
  • this matter claims our attention
  1. a. to take as the rightful owner
  • claimed her baggage and left the airport
  1. a. to assert in the face of possible contradiction: maintain
  • claimed that he’d been cheated
  • is claimed to cause weight loss
  1. to claim to have
  • organization … which claims 11,000 … members
  1. to assert to be rightfully one’s own
  • claimed responsibility for the attack
To complain
  1. a. to express grief, pain, or discontent
  • complaining about the weather
  1. a. to make a formal accusation or charge
  • he threatened to complain of him to the captain.
PS: As regards our previous E-Lesson on the use of terms such as protest, demonstration, march etc., it turns out that march is actually equivalent to our use of “marcha”. It can be used as a noun and as a verb (for example, “March for our lives”).
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