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At The TR Company you will find a one-stop solution to all your language needs. We provide a full range of language services including professional translation, interpretation, website translation, subtitling, voiceover and dubbing, transcription, editing and proofreading, bilingual testing and staffing, and many corporate training programs.


We provide translation services for many Fortune 500 companies in areas such as international arbitration, contracts and business, among many others.
Our specialization is based on 20 years of work with our clients in the following industries:

  • Legal
  • Electricity and Natural Gas
  • Mining and Oil
  • Financial services
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Health
  • Medicine and Pharmaceutical
  • Technology and Telecommunications
  • Hospitality
  • Travel and tourism
  • Transport and logistics

Our network of over 200 professionals provides translation services into the following languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew and Russian.


We offer consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German and Chinese for conferences or seminars, court interpretation, witness statements or hearings, meetings, teleconferences, telephone conversations or video chat.

Consecutive interpreting

It is ideal for situations involving few people and where a personal touch is required. The interpreter waits until the speaker has finished a sentence or idea before rendering the message into the target language.

Simultaneous interpreting

Commonly used in conferences or seminars.
In this type of interpreting, attendants use headphones and listen to the interpreter live speaking in the target language.


Our training department offers language programs in the fields of business and the law with an international focus. In our programs we deal with some of the most critical issues of our time, such as business, management, trade, conflict resolution, development, politics, policy, and social issues. Our objective is to provide the skills, perspective, and tools for business people and lawyers to be able to communicate and work across geographic, cultural and sectoral boundaries.

Other services

We offer Medical, Legal, and Business Transcription on standard audiotapes or DVDs, in English, Spanish, or Portuguese.
Our transcriptionists are well versed in a wide variety of medical, business and legal terminology and have a trained ear to dissect multiple voices, dialects, and accents. Whether you’re looking for the transcription of a business presentation, conference, seminar, hearing or physician interviews, medical advisory boards or highly specialized focus groups, The TR Company is able to offer a turnkey transcription solution to meet your exact requirements.