10/04/17 Triplets


  • cancel, annul, and set aside
  • form, manner, and method
  • general, vague, and indefinite
  • give, devise, and bequeath
  • grant, bargain, and sell
  • grants, demises, and lets
  • hold, possess, and enjoy
  • lands, tenements, and hereditaments
  • make, publish, and declare
  • name, constitute, and appoint
  • ordered, adjudged, and decreed
  • pay, satisfy, and discharge
  • possession, custody, and control
  • promise, agree, and covenant
  • remise, release, and forever discharge
  • remise, release, and forever quitclaim
  • repair, uphold, and maintain
  • rest, residue, and remainder
  • right, title, and interest
  • situate, lying, and being in
  • vague, nonspecific, and indefinite
  • way, shape, and form