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Trust, trust in, trust on? Which is correct?

11/5/18 Trust, trust in, trust on? Which is correct?


Trust (as a verb)

  1. To trust someone (no prep); to have confidence in someone; to believe that someone is good, sincere, honest, etc. trust somebody.
She trusts Alan implicitly. Also, you may trust somebody to do something

You can trust me not to tell anyone.

  1. trust something to believe that something is true or correct or that you can rely on it.
He trusted her judgment.
Don’t trust what the newspapers say!
  1. trust (that)… (formal) to hope and expect that something is true.

I trust (that) you have no objections to our proposals?

Also, did you know this expression? not trust somebody an inch
To not trust someone at all.
He says he just wants to help you but I wouldn’t trust him an inch if I were you.


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