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4 Different Types of Bills in all Different Contexts

20/7/18 4 Different Types of Bills in all Different Contexts

1. Bill of Attainder

A legislative act that declares a named person guilty of a crime, particularly treason. Such bills are prohibited by Article I, Section 9 of the United States Constitution.

2. Bill of Exchange

An unconditional written order from one person (the maker or drawer) to another person (the payor) to pay a specified sum of money to a designated person (the payee). It is the same as a draft. A bill of exchange drawn on a bank account is a “check.”

3. Bill of Lading

A document of title for goods being shipped that demonstrates the holder has a right to transport the goods. It also acts as a receipt to the shipper of goods from the carrier (trucking company, railroad, ship, or air freighter) as well as a contract providing the terms of transport.

4. Bill of Particulars

A document, written by a plaintiff or prosecutor at the request of a defendant in a civil or criminal action, that sets out detailed information about the claims or charges being brought against the defendant.Knowing these particulars, the defendant is able to mount a defense.

In our next e-Legal Lesson, we’ll talk about the Bill of Rights.

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