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Who Ever, What Ever, etc.

31/08/16 Use of ‘Who Ever’, ‘What Ever’, etc.


These expressions are used to show surprise or difficulty in believing something.
Who ever is that strange girl with Roger?
What ever are you doing?
How ever did you manage to start the car? I couldn’t.
How ever many people have you invited?
When ever will I have time to answer all these emails?
Why ever did I say I’d do it?

The expressions can also be written as single words: whoever, whatever, etc.
Note that whose and which are not used with ever in this way.
In an informal style, on earth, the hell (US also in hell) or the fuck (taboo words) can be used instead of ever.
Who on earth is that strange girl?
How on earth did you manage to start the car?
Why the hell did I say I’d do it?
What the fuck is she talking about?

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