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The Use of the Verb ‘Make’

06/12/16 The Use of the Verb ‘Make’

The Use of the Verb Make

We use the verb ‘make’ for constructing, building or creating
make a dress
make food
make a cup of tea / coffee

‘Make’ is often used when referring to preparing food of any kind.
make a meal – breakfast / lunch / dinner

Note – these activities usually create something that you can touch.

Important Expressions with ‘Make’
There are a number of standard expressions that take the verb ‘make’. The best solution is to try to learn them.
make amends
make arrangements
make believe – (to pretend)
make a choice
make a comment
make a decision
make a difference
make an effort
make an enquiry
make an excuse
make a fool of yourself
make a fortune
make friends
make a fuss
make a journey
make love
make a mess
make a mistake
make money
make a move
make a noise
make a payment
make a phone call
make a plan
make a point
make a profit
make a promise
make a remark
make a sound
make a speech
make a suggestion
make time
make a visit
make your bed – (to prepare the bed for sleeping in)


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