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Useful Expressions for Starting, Keeping, and Ending a Conversation (1)

04/11/16 Useful Expressions for Starting, Keeping, and Ending a Conversation

Useful Expressions for Starting, Keeping and Ending a Conversation

Today and in the coming e-Lessons we will explore some useful expressions for conversation in a business setting. These will help you socialize with coworkers, colleagues, and other business contacts.



Hi/Hey, (name). How’s it going? (often reduced to “How’s it goin’?”)

Hi/Hey, (name). How are you? (often reduced to “How are ya?”)

Good morning/afternoon/evening, (name). (“Good morning” is often reduced to

Morning.” Also note that “Good morning/afternoon/evening” is more formal than the first two greetings.)


Hey, (name). What’s up?

Hey, (name). What’s going on? (often reduced to “What’s goin’ on?”)

Hi/Hey, (name). Long time no see. (if you haven’t seen the person in a while)

Responses to Common Greetings

How’s it going?/How are you?

Good, How are you?

Fine, and you?

Just fine, thanks. How about yourself?

Doing all right. And yourself? (often reduced to “Doin’ all right.”)

What’s up?

Not much. What’s up with you?

Not much. You?

Hi/Hey. How’s it going?

Hi/Hey. How are you?

Notice that we often reply to “What’s up” with another greeting. This often happens when we greet someone who is walking past us. It can be awkward to say “Not much. What’s up with you?” to someone walking away from you.

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