11/08/16 Useful Terminology for Resumes (Part I)


Accomplishments: Also referred to as achievements, these are points where you have attained success in your career, whether they are meeting strict deadlines, closing a particularly valuable deal, or successful completion of a project. Include accomplishments on your resume to show your strength as a worker.

Additional Skills: Section of a resume that is used to present any skills or assets you have that can be used to make you a more viable employee. These often include language skills or computer programs you are familiar with.

Availability:  Period of time during a weekly-schedule that an applicant is available to work. Occasionally requested by employer to gain an understanding of how versatile a potential employee is with regards to scheduling shift work (best to show maximum availability!).

Background Check: Conducted by a potential employer to validate the information initially provided by applicant. This can include investigating credit scores, criminal history, and employment history by contacting references, etc.

Benefits: Additional compensation provided by employer to employee that supplement wage/monetary payment, and may include: paid vacation, sick leave, child care, retirement/pension fund, stock options, health/dental insurance, bonuses, tuition subsidies, etc.

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