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Useful Terminology for Resumes (Last Part)

16/10/19 Useful Terminology for Resumes (Last Part)
References: A list of people that can be contacted by a recruiting company to ask for their opinion on your professional capabilities. These usually include previous employers, or for an entry-level candidates a university lecturer can be detailed. Salary: The financial compensation received by an employee for services rendered. This can be based on hours worked, weekly, monthly, etc. Summary of Qualifications: An introductory paragraph placed at the top of your resume after your contact information. Usually only a few sentences long, it should be tailored to highlight all your specific qualifications that would be relevant to the job being sought. For example, Vice president of sales with over 10 years’ experience leading a multi-million dollar technology company, seeking a sales management role at leading software company. Thank-you letter: A formal letter sent to a recruiting manager following interview. It provides a final ‘good impression’ through showing courtesy. Not commonly implemented by job seekers, but can really make a difference at that crucial moment when recruiters are considering the success of interviewees. Volunteering: Working for a company or organization without financial compensation, usually so that the worker can develop new skills and gain experience, increasing their economic viability.
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