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Using a Bit of Spanish in Your Emails

Do you have Customers or Providers in Spanish-speaking countries? Spice up your emails with some useful words and phrases in Spanish!

Using Spanish in your written communications will be easier, although you can also give it a try over the telephone or in web video conferences; it is really easy to learn, after all much of the vocabulary is similar, and Spanish phonetics are very simple: Look at almost any Spanish word and you can tell how it is pronounced.

Hello Hola
Hi everyone/ Hi all Hola a todos
Good morning Buen día
Good day! ¡Buen día!
How are you? ¿Cómo estás? (singular)

¿Cómo está? (singular, more formal)

¿Cómo están? (plural)

I hope you’re doing fine. Espero que te encuentres bien. (singular)

Espero que se encuentren bien. (plural)

Dear Sirs Estimados
Cheers! ¡Saludos!
Best regards Saludos/ Saludos cordiales
Cordially Cordialmente
Please Por favor
No problema. No hay problema.
Never mind. No importa./ No hay problema.
Received, thank you. Recibido, gracias.
Thank you very much. Muchas gracias.
Thanks for everything. Gracias por todo.
Thanks a million. Un millón de gracias.
You’re welcome. De nada.
Sorry. Perdón./ Lo siento./ Lo lamento.
I know. Lo sé.
I don’t know. No sé./ No lo sé.
I don’t think so. No creo./ No lo creo.
I understand./ I see. Entiendo.
I don’t understand. No entiendo.
It depends. Depende.
Have a good day. Que tengas un buen día. (singular)

Que tengan un buen día. (plural)

Have a great week. Que tengas una buena semana. (singular)

Que tengan una buena semana. (plural)

Goodbye. Adiós.
Bye! Adiós./ Chau. (more informal)
See you! Nos vemos./ Adiós.
Talk to you soon. Hablamos pronto.

What other word or phrase would you include in the list? Let us know!

Quick note: If you’re writing to a Spanish-speaking business vendor or client, do not trust Google Translate. Unfortunately, many translators are afraid of competition and regard these applications as competition – which is absolutely not my case. I’ve read comments in translators forums about people regularly (and deliberately) making incorrect entries to the app.

If you would like to know how to say something in Spanish, you can send me an email and I will answer ASAP.

Using a Bit of Spanish in Your Emails

At The TR Company, we offer intensive, short courses of Spanish as a Second Language. In these courses, we aim at achieving competence to understand and use daily expressions, and satisfying immediate needs such as asking and giving personal information about yourself and interacting with Spanish-speaking speakers.

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