16/11/16 Verbs that collocate with ‘Money’

Verbs that collocate with Money

Verb + “Money”
The following list includes verbs that are commonly followed by the noun ‘money’ or an amount of a particular type of money or currency. Verbs that are similar in meaning are grouped together. Each verb or verb group has an example sentence to illustrate usage.

> coin, print
The government printed a lot of money in 2001.
> count
Let’s count your money and see if you have enough to buy that.
> bring in, earn, make,
The company brought in more than $4 million.
Could I borrow some money for this weekend?
I’ll lend you some money until next month.
bank, deposit, pay in, pay into the bank, put in the bank
I deposited a large amount of money last Friday.
draw out, get out, take out, withdraw
She took $500 out of our account.
pay out, shell out, spend
They paid out more than $300 dollars for that lamp.
fritter away, squander, throw away
I hate it when you squander our savings!
hoard, save, set aside, stash away
They set aside $200 each week for savings.
contribute, donate, give
They donated more than $200,000 to charity last year.
give back, pay back, refund, repay
I’ll pay you back the money by the end of next week.
She owes Thomas a lot of money.
Let’s share the money we’ve found!
accept, take
I’m afraid I can’t accept your money.
be worth
That painting is worth a lot of money.
change, exchange
I’d like to change twenty dollars please. Could you give me four five dollar bills?
allocate, earmark
The committee decided to allocate $50,000 for the project.
channel, direct, funnel
The program directs more than $5 billion to help the homeless.
embezzle, extort, siphon off, steal
He was charged with embezzling money from the company.
They used the internet to launder the stolen money.