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23/08/16 9 Ways to Say “Goodbye”


  1. “See you later” or “see ya later”: This becomes more casual when you use “ya” instead of “you.”
  2. “See you soon” or “see ya soon” : This is similar to the example above. It can be used to indicate that you want to or plan to meet with the person again soon.
  3. “Take care”: This could be formal or casual, but is usually used with people you know or care about. You might use this in an email or written letter.
  4. “Take it easy”: This is not used now, in 2016, as much as it was used in the 1980’s and 1990’s. However, it is casual and means “take care.”
  5. “Gotta go!” This is used in casual situations when you want to escape the conversation quickly and you don’t want to go through a longer or more sentimental goodbye.
  6. “Talk to you soon”: This is used more often in writing emails or on the phone than in daily spoken interactions. It is usually casual.
  7. “See you next time”: This is used when you know you will be returning to a specific place and you will see the person when you come back.
  8. “Catch ya later”: This is used very casually between friends or acquaintances.
  9. “Have a good one”: This means, “have a nice day” and is used casually, but it could be used between strangers, friends, colleagues, or family members. It is very frequently used in the United States.
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