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25/4/18 Wednesday


We all know that Wednesday is the fourth day of the week – the day after Tuesday and before Thursday.
This is how you may use it:

  • Come and have supper with us on Wednesday, if you’re free. (NOT *in Wednesday)
  • Did you happen to see her leave last Wednesday? (NOT *the last Wednesday)
  • David always collects Alistair from school on Wednesdays.
  • On a Wednesday afternoon, the shop was shut.

It may be abbreviated as Wed, We, or W.
How it is pronounced:
Wednesday in American English: /ˈwɛnzdeɪ ; wenzˈdā; occas; ˈwɛnzdi ; wenzˈdē/
British English: /ˈwɛnzdɪ/


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