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The TR Company

Welcome to The TR Company’s Blog

Welcome to The TR Company’s Blog


There has never been a time when people could communicate and express themselves as instantly and as much as they can now. I am so happy we’ve created this space of our own where we will be able to share ideas, interesting stuff, and things we consider are worth COMMUNICATING and, hopefully, you will consider worth READING and SHARING too.

Although we already have a website, a page on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and actively participate in many forums, a blog seems like a warmer, more intimate place, where we can write more thoroughly about things we care and where we hopefully will get your comments and feedback to help us grow better.

For now we will be posting articles in the following categories: For translators, For lawyers, About The TR Company, Entrepreneurship, and our E-Lessons, E-Legal Lessons and Free Financial Friday Lessons which we have sent via email to our list of subscribers for over 10 years.

We are building an amazing team of talented young people who have been assisting me and have guided me down this new and exciting path. Before I say (write?) anything else, I would like to introduce some of them, and myself.

Mariano Crescentini is our very young community manager. He just joined our team and has been brave enough not to give up after several meetings with me trying to untangle the millions of ideas I had, on top of how little I knew (still do) about social media. Hang in there, Mariano! This is getting good!

Pol Guevara is a mind-reader. He translates into images exactly what’s in my mind – which, honestly, cannot be easy. The value he adds to his work is that you can always count on a sincere opinion – one he makes on an informed and thoughtful manner.

Pablo Crescentini, Valeria Calle, Ileana Moccia, and Claudia Sager make up our team of bloggers and will be introducing themselves in and by the articles they will be posting.

My name is Cynthia Farber. I founded my first company back in 1997 and haven’t stopped working ever since. I love being an entrepreneur and I really enjoy everything I do – I work with passion, always trying to give my best. I get really upset when I need to buy a product or hire a service and the sales rep I get to deal with is rude or inattentive. No matter how much I want that product or need that service, I just won’t buy it from them. When I created my own company, I said to myself, and to anyone who worked with me at the time, no matter how small the client, we will always treat everyone with utmost respect and will value everyone’s time as we value our own – or more. We work hard every day to make sure we don’t disappoint anyone dealing with us, ever.

WE VALUE YOUR OPINION DEEPLY and that is why we are constantly opening new channels for you to communicate with us.

For now, we have just a few followers on Twitter, friends on Facebook, circles on Google+, and contacts on LinkedIn, but I am absolutely confident we will build a great space where we can meet for some quality virtual time together.

Feel free to write to me and send me any questions or suggestions. My email is
I’m really looking forward to hearing from you!

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