11/11/19 We’re going to analyze terminology related to different social networks.
Today we’ll offer you terminology about FACEBOOK: Profile – A personal page created for individual use. Page – This is your business profile or “page” where customers can find your posts and business information. Insights – This is your analytics hub. You can find all post and page analytics here. Organic Reach – The number of people who saw your post. Paid Reach – The number of people who saw your post due to an ad you paid for. Engagement – The number of likes, comments, and shares you receive. Post Clicks – The number of people who clicked on anything in your post. This could include someone clicking on an image with a “see more” call to action or a URL you included. News Feed – Your news feed is the first thing you see when you log in to Facebook. The feed shows new posts from pages and profiles you’ve “liked.” Fans – These are the people who “liked” your business page. A business does not have to take any action for someone to become a fan. Sponsored Story – This is a message that comes from a friend about them engaging with a page, app, or event that a business, organization, or individual has paid to highlight. Promoted Post or “Boost” – You can pay to boost a specific post so that it is shown to more friends or fans. Display Ad – An ad you create that is shown on the right-hand side of Facebook along with other ads.