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13/06/16 What are ‘BYELAWS’?

e-legal lesson

You are probably familiar with the term bylaws, but what about byelaws?
Not only the spelling but also the sense differs in the U.S. from that in G.B. In the U.S., bylaws are most commonly the administrative provisions of a corporation that are either attached to the articles of incorporation or kept privately. In G.B., byelaws are regulations made by a local authority or corporation, such as a town or a railway.
The spelling without the –e- is preferred in American English. Though etymologically inferior, byelaw (sometime hyphenated) is standard in British legal texts.

Clause four requires the contractor to comply with Acts of Parliament and bye-laws.
It would surprise me if the courts of England would hold that when the English Parliament gave the Birmingham Municipality the authority to make byelaws for the good government of the city, it intended also to give the municipality the authority to segregate West Indians from Europeans in the use of public conveniences.

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