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What collocates with Service?

21/9/17 What collocates with Service?

Collocates with Service

Adjectives that collocate with service: efficient, excellent, good, valuable | adequate | bad, inadequate, poor, terrible | complete, comprehensive, full | standard | basic | reduced | back-up, support | emergency, essential A passer-by called the emergency services (= the ambulance/fire /police services). Essential services (= the supply of water, gas, electricity) will be maintained. | vital providing a vital service to the public | available Find out what services are available in your area. | public | advisory, banking, counseling, financial, information, medical, news, rescue, telephone, etc. | ambulance, diplomatic, fire, foreign, health, intelligence, library, police, postal, prison, probation, prosecution, secret, security, social She works for the social services

Verbs that collocate with service: offer (sb), provide (sb with) We offer a comprehensive service to home buyers. | operate, run | maintain | guarantee | improve | expand, extend We need to expand this valuable service to other cities. | cut back on, run down This government has systematically run down public services since it took office. | suspend | axe, cut | restore | make use of, use people who use the library.


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