30/11/16 When we Use ‘Have Got’ and When ‘Have’ (Part I)

When we Use Have Got and When Have (Part I)

When we use have got and when have.
In British English have got is used quite often, in other areas it is common to use the main verb have.

1. Affirmative sentences

have have got
I have a brother. I have got a brother.
I’ve got a brother.
You have a sister. You have got a sister.
You’ve got a sister.
He has a cat. He has got a cat.
He’s got a cat.
She has a dog. She has got a dog.
She’s got a dog.
It has Bluetooth. It has got Bluetooth.
It’s got Bluetooth.
We have books. We have got books.
We’ve got books.
You have a nice room. You have got a nice room.
You’ve got a nice room.
They have pets. They have got pets.
They’ve got pets.
have got is often used in its contracted form even in written language.

2. Negations

have have got
I do not have a brother. I have not got a brother.
I haven’t got a brother.
I don’t have a brother. I’ve not got a brother.
You do not have a sister. You have not got a sister.
You haven’t got a sister.
You don’t have a sister. You’ve not got a sister.
He does not have a cat. He has not got a cat.
He hasn’t got a cat.
He doesn’t have a cat. He’s not got a cat.
She does not have a dog. She has not got a dog.
She hasn’t got a dog.
She doesn’t have a dog. She’s not got a dog.
It does not have Bluetooth. It has not got Bluetooth.
It hasn’t got Bluetooth.
It doesn’t have Bluetooth. It’s not got Bluetooth.
We do not have books. We have not got books.
We haven’t got books.
We don’t have books. We’ve not got books.
You do not have a nice room. You have not got a nice room.
You haven’t got a nice room.
You don’t have a nice room. You’ve not got a nice room.
They do not have pets. They have not got pets.
They haven’t got pets.
They don’t have pets. They’ve not got pets.