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Idioms and Expressions with  Fear’ | ‘Frighten’ | ‘Scare’

14/10/16 Idioms and Expressions with  Fear’ | ‘Frighten’ | ‘Scare’


fear no colors

To be brave in a dangerous situation. «Colors» has a military connotation, although the phrase can be used more broadly than that.
I can handle this situation, I swear—I fear no colors.

never fear

do not worry; have confidence.
I’ll be there on time—never fear.
I’ll help you, never fear.

fear the worst

to feel sure that what was least wanted has happened or will happen.
When the doctor called, she feared the worst.

frighten/scare somebody to death

to make someone feel very frightened
David suddenly appeared in the doorway and scared me to death.

scare the hell out of someone

tv. to frighten someone badly. (Use caution with hell.)
The door blew shut and scared the hell out of me.

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